Setting Registration Rules

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Setting Registration Rules

By default, all Courses are open to all users for enrollment. In order to restrict registration to specific group(s) of users, Registration Rules should be set. For example, a Scheduled Course for New Hire Orientation would only be useful for new employees, not existing users.

Courses can have multiple Registration Rules. This capability allows you to open user Registration for some groups, while requiring Manager Approval for other groups for the same Course.

TPArrowRegistration Rules can only be associated with User Groups. For this reason, it is important that you first create Groups prior to setting Registration Rules.

1.Navigate to the Library page.

2.Search for the Course, hover over the Course card, and then click the Edit Edit Record icon.

3.Click the Registration tab.

4.Click Add new record Add Record on the toolbar.

5.Click the Registration Rule arrow, and then select the required option.

6.Set the Priority to 1.

TPArrowBy default, the Everyone group is already assigned with a Priority of 0 (zero).

7.Select the check box(es) for the required Group(s) for the Registration Rule you are creating.

8.Click Save Button.