Bulk Import of online Courses

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Bulk Import of online Courses

Using the Import Courses feature will allow you (hosted Client Family Members only) to bulk upload online content to the Intellek LMS. It is essential that the information be consistently formatted and applied. Inaccurate data will result in the failure of the upload.

Before you import Courses, you will need to ensure your SFTP folder is set up. You can check this by navigating to the Library, and then select Import Courses from the three dot Options menu. If you see the following screen, then you can continue with the import process. Alternatively, please contact support@intellek.io so that we can assist you with setting up the SFTP folder.

Bulk Import of Online Courses - Clip 1

Required File Format

The Bulk Import file must be formatted as .xlsx. Windows updates as of October 2017 no longer support .xls files.


It is important that you do not rename any columns, add any custom columns or remove any columns in the spreadsheet.

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