Adding AICC/SCORM Courses

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Adding AICC/SCORM Courses

AICC – Stands for the Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-Based Training) Committee. This committee is an international association of technology-based training professionals that develop training guidelines for the aviation industry. AICC standards apply to the development, delivery, and evaluation of training courses that are delivered via technology; i.e., more often than not, through learning management systems.

TPArrowIntellek Live Content courses are typically published in AICC format.

SCORM – Stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model, which is a set of specifications that, when applied to course content, produces small, re-usable eLearning objects.

TPArrowIntellek LMS supports SCORM V1.2.

AICC/SCORM content is defined by the content package. You must have the appropriate AICC or SCORM zipped package, and it must be structured according to AICC/SCORM regulations (e.g., the imsmanifest.xml file for SCORM content must be in the root folder of the package). If you are unsure of the package type for your content, ask your content provider or view the contents of the zipped content package. Examples of both types of content packages can be seen below:

AICC Content

AICC Content

SCORM Content

SCORM Content

1.Navigate to the Library page.

2.Click Add Course Add Record on the toolbar.

3.For the Course Type, select AICC or SCORM as appropriate.


4.Click the Upload File Upload icon button.

5.Click Select Button - White to browse to the content package location.

6.Select the zipped content package.

7.Click Open.

8.Click Upload Button.

9.Complete all the required fields.


Complete the information on the other tabs (see the Course Details Page topic) on the right side of the page as required.

Click Save Button.