Categories and Subcategories

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Categories and Subcategories

Check out what's new in v3.33.0.0 related to Categories!

Learn More - Watch!Categories and Subcategories are used to organize the Library. Both Courses and Learning Paths can be associated with Categories and Subcategories. Courses and Learning Paths can be associated with one or more Category/Subcategory or nothing at all to appear un-categorized on the root Library page.

Some examples of how you might want to create your Categories include:


Skill Level (Basic, Expert)

Audience (Attorneys, Staff)



You can have as many Subcategory levels as you need; however, please consider:

When users open the Library they will initially see the top-level Categories and any un-categorized Courses or Paths. All levels are searchable. Use expanded search to filter your search to a specific Category > Subcategory level.

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