Using Attachments

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Using Attachments

Attachments allow you to upload documents, such as handouts or job aids associated with a Scheduled Event. Users will be able to display and download the attachments from the Event Summary.

Additionally, attachments can be included in the Event Broadcast message template (Communication > Email Templates) or an ad hoc email to users (Event Edit > Users > Send Email Resend Message icon) or (Communication > Send Email) by inserting the [EventAttachment] variable in the message body.

KeyInfo  Key Information

Upload the following formats:  .docx, .pdf, .xlsx. not to exceed 10MB (binary) in size.

1.From the Event Details page, click the Attachments tab.

2.Click Attachments Add Record. You are given 2 radio button options.



i.Click Select Button to browse and navigate to the location where the file is saved.

ii.Select the file, and then click Open.

iii.Click Upload Button.



i.Provide the label for your new hyperlinked URL.

ii.Enter the full URL of the attachment.

iii.Click Save Button


KeyInfo  Key Information

To delete an attachment:

1.Click in the row of the attachment.

2.Click Remove selected items Delete Button.

3.Click OK to confirm the deletion and dismiss the message.