Editing and Copying Events

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Editing and Copying Events

You can edit an Event after it has been added to the Calendar by displaying the Event Details and adding or modifying the appropriate information.


Keep in mind that modifying information in an Event that is already on the Calendar may initiate an email to any users that are currently enrolled!

ExpandedEditing an Event
ExpandedUsing Attachments
ExpandedEditing the Event Size for a Scheduled Event (not a Webinar)
ExpandedEditing the Number of Participants Allowed in a Webinar
CollapsedCopying an Event

Existing Events can be copied for modification and saving as an independent event in the calendar.  All Event settings and parameters including Attachments are copied over except aligned users and the user data.

1.Navigate to the Calendar.

2.Locate an Event on the Calendar.

3.Hover over the right of the Event Name and click on the Copy icon.

copy event

4.Make any necessary modifications to your new copied Event. When the Copy Event feature is used, any aligned Event Attachments will be copied over to the new Event.

copy attachments

5.Click SAVE.