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Enable/Disable Waitlist for scheduled events

Administrators have an option to globally enable/disable the Waitlist feature. By default, the Waitlist feature is enabled.  Calendar > 3-dot option > Settings. When enabled, waitlisted users will be automatically enrolled on Events as capacity opens up/allows.


Enable/Disable automatic enrollment for Waitlisted users

Administrators have an option to globally enable/disable automatic Event enrollment for Users on a waitlist as Event capacity allows. By default, when users are waitlisted on a full event, an increased capacity on the Event or users cancelling will prompt the LMS to automatically enroll the corresponding number of waitlisted user(s), in top to bottom order. By default, the Waitlist automatic enrollment feature is enabled. Calendar > 3-dot option > Settings.


TPArrowIf Enable Waitlist for scheduled events has been turned off and you are re-enabling this option, you will need to manually enroll any waitlisted users for Event openings that occurred while Enable Waitlist for scheduled events was off. If a previously full Event had cancellations or a capacity increase while this feature was off, turning Enable Waitlist for scheduled events back on will not trigger automatic enrollment for users on the current Waitlist. We recommend you run the Training Tracking report (select the Waitlisted History Status filter option) for a record of any currently open waitlisted users.


TPArrowAutomatic enrollment respects Enrollment period rules. This means no user can be automatically enrolled on an Event before the enrollment period opens or after the enrollment period closes.


View waitlisted users:

ofrom Events in the Calendar


oor via a Scheduled Course in the Library


Admins can click and drag to specify the order Waitlisted users will enroll automatically to an Event as space comes available. Event > Waitlist.


Admins can enroll select members from the waitlist (Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click method) to an Event thereby modifying the capacity. Event >Waitlist > Select User(s) > List's 3 dot option > Enroll Users Onto Event.


Report on waitlisted users via the Training Tracking Report by selecting "Waitlisted" from the History Status > Open drop down.



Users are given an option to ADD ME TO THE WAITLIST when attempting to enroll in a full calendar Events (capacity has been met)

oin the Calendar


oor via an Event associated with the scheduled Course in the Library