Locations and Venues

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Locations and Venues

Locations that are defined in the Learning Management System (LMS) impact numerous areas of data:

User Details

Event Details


Typically, Locations are created in the database based on the information in the Location field in the Import_Learners spreadsheet. They can also be created manually if required. After the initial import of Learner Data, you should review the Locations and complete additional details for each Location.

Your Locations can be accessed from the Calendar or Users three dot Options menu.

KeyInfo  Key Information

If you access Locations via Users, you will not see the Venues tab, as Venues aren’t associated with Users.

Venues are associated with Locations and define any rooms or areas in which training Events might occur. Adding the appropriate Venue(s) to each Location will make scheduling Events on the Calendar easy and will provide users that have enrolled in Events with the information they require to attend the session. A Location may have numerous Venues.

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