Editing an Event

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Editing an Event

1.Navigate to the Calendar.

2.Locate and click the Event on the Calendar.

TPArrowUnlike the Add Event window that displays initially when adding an Event to the Calendar, the Details page allows you to select the appropriate tab(s) to modify information as required.

3.Click the appropriate tab(s) on the right side of the page to modify or add information as needed.

Editing Events - Clip 1

a.Detail – Contains the basic information for the Event, such as Event Name, Event Start Date/Time, and Status (Active or Canceled), and more. If you modify information on the Detail tab, users will receive an Updated Event Appointment from the LMS. See the Scheduling an Event topic for specific instructions.

i.Add, modify, or remove Locations and/or Venues, if required.

ii.If you want to add a Webinar, select the Include webinar check box at the bottom of the page and then complete the webinar details.

iii.If you want to add a Post-Event Survey, select the appropriate Survey using the Survey arrow.

TPArrowIn order to add a Survey to the Event, a Survey must be created with a Status of Published before it will be included in the list.

b.Registration – Contains the enrollment rules for the Event. The rules can be modified, if required.

c.Contacts – Allows you to add or modify any Contacts associated with this Event.

d.Users – Displays any users that are currently enrolled and allows you to enroll additional users to the Event, remove (cancel) users from the Event, or record user attendance to the Event. See the Enrolling users into an Event topic.

e.Attachments – Allows you to upload documents, such as handouts or job aids associated with a Scheduled Event. See the Using Attachments topic.

f.Waitlist - (if enabled) Lists any users who have requested a place on a full Event's Waitlist. When/if a seat becomes available (an attendee cancels, or admin makes room by either canceling others or increasing capacity) then the user at the top of the wait-list is automatically enrolled if automatic enrollment is enabled. The user is sent an email at that time stating that they are enrolled with an option for them to cancel if needed. Report on waitlisted users via the Training Tracking Report by selecting "Waitlisted" from the History Status > Open drop down.

g.Interested – Lists any users who have been Registered Interest for scheduled course associated with the the Event. Users who request a seat for an Event that has no available seats will be offered a place on the Interested list if a seat for the requested event does not come available. Report on Interested users via the Training Tracking Report by selecting "Interested" from the History Status > Open drop down.

h.Summary – Displays the summary view information that would be seen by a standard user viewing this Event on the Calendar or in the Upcoming Events section of the Home Page.