Compliance Report

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Compliance Report

The Compliance Report is specific to continuing legal education compliance and can be grouped by Compliance Body or by User. Having access to this report is contingent on whether or not the Compliance Module has been activated on the Settings page from the Menu icon.

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Activate the Compliance Module


Each Compliance Body has its own set of compliance requirements and compliance periods (i.e., a deadline date by which compliance must be met and reported), therefore, search criteria is limited to any combination of:  Compliance Body(ies), Period Completion Status (either complete or incomplete), Period Count (the current compliance period, current and last compliance period, or all compliance history), and/or User(s), which can be filtered by Location, Practice Area, Profile, Job Title, or Department.

Common examples of when to use this report include:

30-60 days prior to the compliance reporting deadline for a particular Body, run a report for all users who have unfinished compliance activities. For example, January 31 is the deadline for California MCLE to be completed and reported annually. To identify all users who need to finish their compliance requirements, you might want to run the report on January 2, selecting the following criteria:

Body = California MCLE

Period Completion Status = Incomplete

Period Expires in x Days = 30

To see all active users assigned to the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (“SRA”), select the following criteria:

Body = Solicitor’s Regulation Authority