Event People Report

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Event People Report

The Event People Report provides a list of user attendance in scheduled training Events. Alternatively, you can use this report to list all Events for Event Contacts (Trainers) and/or all Requestees (“waitlisted” users) for an Event. Canceled training Events and Inactive Courses can be included in this report. Use the History Status options to list users who are Enrolled in Open Events, those who have Finished or been Waived from an Event, or those who have Not Completed an Event because of pending or declined manager approval, canceling the registration (either by the user or Event cancellation), or not attending.

Common examples of how to use this report include:

To see all user attendance status for past scheduled training Events in 2019, select:

Event Date From = 1/1/2019

Event Date To = [YESTERDAY’S DATE]

To see who trained which scheduled training Events that were not canceled for 2019, select

Event Date From = 1/1/2019

Event Date To = 12/31/2019 [US]31/12/2019 [UK]

Include = Contacts (check box is selected)

To see all registered users for open Events on May 29, 2019, select:

Event Date From = 5/29/2019 [US]29/5/2019 [UK]
Event Date To = 5/29/2019 [US]        29/5/2019 [UK]

Include = Attendees (check box is selected)

History Status = Enrolled is selected by clicking the Open arrow.