Event Summary Report

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Event Summary Report

The Event Summary Report provides a list of scheduled Events, and does not include tutorials, documentation, quizzes or other training resources (use the Training Tracking Report instead). Additionally, attendee names cannot be included using this report (use the Event People Report instead). If you want to include scheduled training for past dates, you must use the date pickers to set the appropriate Event Date From and To; otherwise, only open and future scheduled training will be included in the report.

Canceled training Events and Inactive Courses can be included in this report. To include inactive Locations, select the check box next to the Location field in the Search screen; otherwise, only active Locations can be selected.

Common examples of how to use this report include:

To see all the scheduled training Events in the Dallas office for the month of May, 2019 select:

Event Date From = 5/1/2019 [US]1/5/2019 [UK]
Event Date To = 5/31/2019 [US]        31/5/2019 [UK]

Location = Dallas

To see all the scheduled training Events in 2019 where Robin Murray is the Trainer, select:

Event Date From = 1/1/2019

Event Date To = 12/31/2019 [US]31/12/2019 [UK]

Event Contact = Robin Murray

To see all One-on-One scheduled training for 2018, select

Event Date From = 1/1/2018

Event Date To = 12/31/2018 [US] 31/12/2018 [UK]

Course Unit Type = One-on-One