Training Tracking Report

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Training Tracking Report

The Training Tracking Report is a superbly versatile report as it organizes and displays results based on all Course Types, including online, scheduled, and/or resources as well as any User history status (pending, completed, or not completed). For online Courses, you can see the status, scores (where relevant), duration, and time stamps. You can also select multiple search criteria and group the results by Course or User. For example, the Courses/Events taken by a specific user during a defined date period. Training Tracking Report is displays the date a user last exited a course.

Alternatively, report on the people that have completed a particular Course in a specific location.

TPArrowThis is not the report to use when looking for compliance or user path-related information.

Common examples of how to use this report include:

To see the Courses/Events taken by a specific user during February, 2019, select:

History Date From = 2/1/2019 [US]2/2/2019 [UK]
History Date To = 2/28/2019 [US]        28/2/2019 [UK]

History Status/Completed = Select Check All check box

(clear the Failed check box to see only successful completions)

Last Name = [USER LAST NAME]

First Name = [USER FIRST NAME]

(Alternatively, use the User Identifier field instead of First/Last Name.)

To see all Dallas users who attended the Excel Basics Event, select:

Course Name = Excel Basics

Location = Dallas

To see all Intellek Learn content, select:

Course Type = Intellek