Define report search criteria

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Define report search criteria

Search criteria can be defined using any combination of fields in the dialog box. In many instances, leaving a field blank will automatically include all items for that field.

TPArrowRefining criteria too specifically may return no results.

Types of search criteria include:

Groups – Select a Group to automatically sort the report results by the selected group. For example, to group the report by Event Name, and then show users in the Event, choose Event Name as the group. To group a report by User Name and then by Event name, select User Name as the group.

Dates – Select the desired date range to restrict the list to a specific time frame. You can either type the dates or click the Date Picker Calendar Icon icon.

Selection Lists – Click an arrow next to a field to choose one or more selections from the list options.

Check Boxes – Check boxes provide options for selection. Select a check box to include the option and narrow the result. Clear the check box to expand the result. Unidentified check boxes allow you to include Inactive items for the related field.

Text Boxes – Free-form text boxes, such as First Name, Last Name, Course Identifier, or User Identifier can be used to locate a single Event or user. Enter only what you know to be correct.  You do not have to enter a complete name, but the result may be broad.