Learning Paths best practices

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Learning Paths best practices

Here are a few suggestions for helping you get the most out of Learning Paths:

What Courses in the Library will be used on the Learning Path? Have you tested the learning materials? Do this first!

Define the objectives for the Learning Path. What do you expect users to be able to do once the Path is completed? Is this a general requirement or specific training for a defined group of users or for all users?

Carefully define the target audience. This allows you to clearly define whether or not the Learning Path is required or optional, has a due date that can be enforced, etc.

How big is the topic? Is it too long for a single Learning Path? Will it help users better retain knowledge if you break it up into different Learning Paths?

Review the Learning Path settings and content BEFORE you assign it to users. We do not recommend modifying a Path once users have started to create historical records for the Learning Path, including changes to settings like the competition rules and/or days or date due. These types of changes would only apply to new users assigned and you would need to manually edit the already assigned users or remove and reassign them.