Managing external Compliance participation

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Managing external Compliance participation

If external compliance history is allowed and/or requires approval (Users page > three dot Options menu > Settings > Compliance History), there are several key points to keep in mind:

Only User Managers and/or LMS Administrators can approve Courses.

If a specific email address is selected, an email will be sent to the individual (such as a Professional Development Manager who is not a designated User Manager) notifying them that a request for approval has been made. That person will need to communicate back to the requestor’s User Manager to approve/decline the Course for compliance credit.

Approval notifications are specific to the compliance request.

Example:  If Attorney Smith submits five (5) off-site Courses for compliance, there will be five (5) requests for approval, and the User Manager or LMS Administrator will need to review each of the submissions to either approve or decline credit.

The Do not Send option is used to limit the number of approval request emails sent to the User Manager or LMS Administrator. If selected, only the User Manager and LMS Administrator will see the approval requests on the Home Dashboard.

Compliance activity requests must be approved or declined from the Approvals card on the Home Dashboard.