Creating a custom Compliance body

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Creating a custom Compliance body

If a Compliance Body is not available, or you need to create an in-house Compliance Body, you can create your own from the Compliance page.

1.Navigate to the Compliance page.

2.Click Add a new record Add Record .

Creating a Custom Compliance Body - Clip 1

3.Type a Name for the Compliance Body.

4.If known or available, enter the appropriate URL.

5.Enter a Credit Amount.

6.Click the Credits arrow to define whether the Credit Amount should be calculated as Credits, Hours, or Points.

7.Under Period Start Day/Month, Enter the Day of the Month when the Compliance Period begins, then click the arrow on the right to select the appropriate month.

Example:  If the Compliance Period is from July 1 to June 30, complete the Period Start Day/Month fields as follows:

Creating a Custom Compliance Body - Clip 2

8.Click the Period Cycle arrow to define the number of months to be included in a reporting period. Options are: 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months (California).

9.Select the Late Joiners Allowed check box to include Late Joiners (those who join the firm in the middle of a Compliance Reporting Period).

10.Select the In Use check box to activate the Compliance Body and include it in the list of Compliance Bodies.

11.Click Save Button.

12.Follow the steps under Assigning Courses to a Compliance Body and Assigning Users to a Compliance Body.