Device Support and Compatibility

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Device Support and Compatibility

An important reminder!

Intellek develops in a Windows-based environment, not in a Mac environment. Intellek has invested in a Mac, an iPad and an iPhone for diagnosing any issue that may be reported when a user or admin is using the Safari browser. While we do not officially support Apple devices, we strive to resolve issues where possible and as quickly as we can.

Important setting: Popup blocker must be OFF regardless of the device or browser(Android and iPhone).

Intellek LMS v3 is developed in HTML5 and is web responsive for the user. This means that the LMS page will automatically re-size in accordance with the device that is being used. While interaction on the Administrator Profile interface is possible on a mobile device, users may find it preferable and easier to perform many administrative functions on a tablet or PC.

TPArrowNote: The LMS will detect if a user is using an Apple touch device when trying to open a PDF and will launch it in a separate window regardless of the setting on the course Structure tab.

eLearning content on mobile devices

The content itself must be compatible with mobile playback.

Intellek application simulation is supported on mobile devices.

Intellek Live Content is not supported on mobile devices.

3rd party content - please inquire with your content vendor.

The Intellek LMS supports HTML5 content.

An important reminder!

Support of Adobe Flash is limited by the browser. This is not something the LMS can control.

If you launch and play content on a mobile device and run into a tracking issue, this could be either a content or LMS issue. To identify the issue, please include the following in your issue report to

1. The CourseID

2. A copy of the packaged content

3. Include the following details of the device being used:

a.model of device

b.operating system version

c.web browser name and version

d.type of network connection being used (e.g. Was the device connected over mobile internet ( LTE / 3G ) or WiFi, was the device connected via VPN to the CFMs network or accessing the LMS directly through the internet.)

Finally, if you’re using SSO, to run the compatible content successfully on a mobile device, you will need to make sure you can authenticate on your device in the same way you access the LMS on your PC. Typically your IT team will need to have setup company devices with the appropriate SSO mobile settings.

For businesses using one of the new SSO offerings (ADFS 4.0, Azure AD or OKTA),  employees can experience a seamless login on their devices too, IF they have an application that facilitates SSO or they are being authenticated on that device with their company credentials.