Create a Content Master

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Create a Content Master

Consider creating a "Master" content file containing the following instruction frames:

Opening (Text) instruction frame with any branding (logo graphic and/or background color), formatted Content Title, Description, and Objectives (as required).

Technical Recommendations (optional). Typically, a Text instruction frame is used for this purpose.

General (Text) instruction frame to inform users on how to navigate the content or download practice files (optional).

Standard (Text) instruction frame for basic instruction text with preferred navigation (Progress) buttons (see the Using Text Instruction Frames topic).

Form instruction Frame(s) – Create one Form instruction frame for each type of form you may want to use. Format the layout for each as needed.

Examples of Forms include:

oUser Name, Email, and Office Location

oMultiple Choice/Fill-in-the-blank Questions

oTrue/False Questions

Ending/Closing (Text) instruction frame with any branding (same as Opening Instruction frame) and conclusion text.

Use the Clone Content option on the content card in the Content Library to create a new content file. Cloning a content file copies all instruction frames, including any captured steps. The Content Details dialog box will display, allowing you to complete the Content Details as appropriate for the new content file (see the Content Library (Main Page) topic).