Using Text Instruction Frames

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Using Text Instruction Frames

The Text instruction is the most commonly used instruction type. This instruction type is used for opening (title) and closing instructions, scripting information, instructions, and actions to be performed by users. To create a text instruction frame, you must be working in the Content Editor window.

1.From the Content Library, either:

Click the CREATE NEW CONTENT button to complete the New Content dialog box, and then click the CREATE CONTENT button. (See the Creating Content topic.)

Locate an existing content file, and then click the Edit (pencil) icon on the content card.

2.If necessary, click the Content Settings (cog) icon on the Navigation bar to create or edit the Content Properties defaults. (See the Setting Content Properties topic.)

3.Click the TEXT button in the Instruction list panel to insert a text instruction and display the Edit panel and instruction frame property tabs.

4.Review the Theme, Options, and Flow property tabs to confirm or change any relevant settings for this instruction. For example, opening and closing instruction frames should likely be positioned in the center of the screen, whereas most other instructions are likely positioned in the bottom right corner. (See these related topics: Theme Tab, Options Tab, and Flow Tab.)

5.In the Edit panel, build the information to be displayed in the instruction frame.

Type and format instruction (script) text.

Click the Paragraph button in the Formatting toolbar to apply a style from the Style Manager.

Click the Variables button to insert the Content_Name, Content_Description, Content_Objectives, or Learners_Score variable(s).

Click the Insert/Edit link icon to insert a URL link to a web page.

Click the Resources property tab to insert graphics (e.g., logos, screen shots, etc.) or other resource items. (See the Inserting a Resource Item into Content topic.)

6.OPTIONAL:  Click the Associated Learning tab to add related learning resources to Assessment content. (See the Associated Learning Tab topic.)

7.If appropriate, click the Capture tab to capture the required methods to perform the instructed action(s). (See the Capture Tab and Capture Utility topics.)

8.Repeat steps 3 through 7 for each text instruction added to the content file.

9.If appropriate, add and format Form instructions to the content file. (See the Using Form Instruction Frames topic.)

10.Click the SAVE icon in the Navigation bar to save the changes to the content.

11.Click the Preview icon on the Navigation bar to preview the content to set the instruction frame size, ensure captured steps perform as expected, etc. (See the Previewing Content topic.)

ProdTip  Productivity Tip

While previewing content, the Intellek Create web page is accessible so that changes can be made while the Preview is running. Make sure to SAVE changes to the content and refresh the web page to ensure the changes are implemented.