Setting Content Properties

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Setting Content Properties

When a new content file is created, the New Content dialog box completes the Details tab of the Edit Content Properties dialog box. The Content Name is the only required property. The Content Description and/or Content Objectives and content type (Lesson or Assessment) can be completed or changed at any time when editing the content file. The Content Properties determine the defaults for all instruction frames, BalloonTips, and scoring defaults for Assessment content created in the content file. It is a best practice to review all options in the Edit Content Properties dialog box, and set the options prior to adding any instruction frames.

1.From the Content Library, click the Edit (pencil) icon on an existing content file.

2.Click the Content Settings (cog) icon on the Navigation bar.

3.The Edit Content Properties dialog box contains four tabs to set various details and defaults for the current content file. Each tab is shown and explained below.

4.When finished, click the UPDATE button to save the changes.


Clicking outside the Edit Content Properties dialog box before clicking the UPDATE button will close the dialog box WITHOUT saving any changes, in effect, canceling the changes!

ExpandedContent Properties Details Tab
ExpandedContent Properties Defaults Tab
ExpandedContent Properties Balloon Defaults
ExpandedContent Properties Scoring Defaults