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Features covered in this topic are under development and not yet fully functional.

Once you have created a learning module or assessment, publishing content files can be accomplished via three distribution models:

HTML – As a single, self-contained .html page that may be added to a website or intranet page or run from a network share or even emailed to a user.

AICC – To be imported into an LMS via the industry-recognized AICC mechanism.

Intellek LMS - Import directly into the Intellek LMS as a Course.

Publishing content can be performed from two locations in Intellek Create:

Content Library. The Publish icon on the Navigation bar provides the ability to select and publish multiple content files at the same time (i.e., "bulk publishing").

Content Editor. The Publish icon on the Navigation bar will publish the open content file.

ExpandedPublish as HTML
ExpandedPublish as AICC
ExpandedPublish to Intellek LMS

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