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LMS Version

Feature Enhancement & Bug Fixes Watch the release video

Available September 25, 2023


expanded One-Time Automated Notification Relative Timing Options

expanded Automated Notifications - Path Completion Status Option

expanded Recurring Assignment for Learning Paths

expanded License Expiry Notification Banner



Analytics Report not downloading (14397, Ogle)

Send Email ignores template CC(14975, Ogle)

Event-specific Notifications are sent for the wrong events (15087, Gray)

Path Course History shows incorrect dates for Scheduled Events (14980, WMans)

API GetLearningRecordsonly returning records for active courses (14969, FieldF)

Some LMS items cannot be clicked when using fr-CA lang (15129)

History Supporting Document Notification is causing an exception (internal)

Titles search is case sensitive (15099)



Any Issues listed below this line were added after August 29, 2023, when LMS v3.53.0.0 Release Notes were originally made available.