Automated Notifications

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Automated Notifications

The Learning Management System (LMS) provides six (6) default Notifications for use in keeping end-users aware of Events, assigned Learning Paths, CLE/CPD requirements and new account creation. Notifications provide a method to auto-generate or schedule messages to users based on specific criteria.

The message text included in an Automated Notification is provided by a Template (created in Communication > Email Templates). By default, Automated Notifications are not activated. In order for Notifications to be sent, we recommend that you do the following:

Review the available Automated Notifications and Email Templates.

Identify the Notifications and Email Templates you want to use.  (If necessary, modify and/or create the Email Template.)

Activate the appropriate Notifications.

KeyInfo Security Profile Permissions and Access to Notifications

Each Security profile should only see notifications they have permission to see.

Admin profiles have Read/Write/Add/Delete permission to notification modules they can access.

Manager Profiles have Read/Write/Add permission to notification modules they can access.


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