Create a new Email Template

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Create a new Email Template

Additional Email Templates may need to be created to associate to automatic Notifications such as Learning Path Expiry reminders or monthly training Event postings.

1.Navigate to the Communication page, and then select Email Templates.

2.Click the Add a new record Add Record button on the toolbar.

3.Type a Name for the Template. We recommend you follow a similar wording as the existing Templates, such as Appointment, User Notification, Event Broadcast, etc., so they are listed in the appropriate section of the Templates list.

4.Follow the same guidelines as Modify Email Templates to complete the Template.

create email tem Productivity Tip

Open an existing Template with similar wording. Copy the Body text of the message and then paste the text into the new Template Body area, then make modifications as needed, BEING CAREFUL of the existing variables.

5.Click Save Button.