Modifying Email Templates

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Modifying Email Templates

1.Navigate to the Communication page and then select Email Templates.

2.Click the Template name link (or click in the row and click the Edit record Edit Record button on the toolbar).

3.The Description field will display an explanation for the purpose of the email template.

4.Modify the Template.

a.Modifying the From, CC and Subject information.

i.The From arrow offers two choices. The email addresses associated with these choices are defined in the Communications > Settings. These fields can be modified at the time an email is sent if the Template is available in the Send Email window.

ii.The CC field allows you to enter an email address that will receive a copy of the email each time it is sent. For example, if you want to be notified that users have Canceled their enrollment in an Event, the Appointment Cancellation template can be modified to include CC information.

TPArrowYou cannot specify different CC information based on Event Contact (trainer) or Event information.

iii.The Subject line can be modified to indicate the appropriate subject for the appointment or message from the system. If an item appears in brackets in the Subject line, this is a variable from the LMS.

TPArrowUse caution when modifying information that contains a variable. The variable information is included in brackets, such as [Event Name].

b.Modifying and formatting the body of the message. Use the formatting options available above the Body of the message. You can insert or modify any text in the message.  Again, you should use caution when modifying information that contains variables. Variables are indicated with brackets. The variables drop-down allows you to insert additional variables.

ProdTip Productivity Tip

You can insert a link to a graphic to brand your Templates. The graphic must be placed in an accessible location on an IIS server. To insert the graphic to display in the template:

1.Place the cursor in the appropriate location in the Body of the Template.

2.Click the HTML tab (at the bottom of the window) and use a tag similar to the example below.

Example:  <img src="pathhere" alt="Hover text here"/>

3.Test the URL for your graphic BEFORE you insert the tag.

If you do not have a suitable location to host the graphic, email and we will provide you with a URL.

5.If you use the [Signature] variable, be sure you have setup your Signatures in the Communication > Settings area.

6.Click Save Button.