Send Email and understanding email variables

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Send Email and understanding email variables

The Learning Management System allows you to create ad hoc eMail Broadcast Messages to announce Courses and/or Events to inform end-users of new or upcoming learning opportunities. Once created, messages can be saved as Email Templates for reuse.

We recommend that you first review the available Email Templates to identify the most commonly used email variables and how they are applied. Additionally, where possible, it is a good idea to use one of the provided Email Templates as a base for new messages:

Review the available Email Templates.

Identify the Email and Email variables you may want to use.

This topic and sub-topics address both creating and sending custom Broadcast Messages and the use of email variables.


Messages are created in Rich Text Format. Copying formatted text from Microsoft Word is NOT recommended, as underlying source code will be copied into the message that is not visible and cannot be edited or removed from the text.

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