Navigating the LMS

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Navigating the LMS

Across the top of the window is the Navigation bar.


Getting Started - Clip 5

From left to right, the interactive elements are:

Home Button



Click to display the Home Dashboard from any page of the LMS.

TPArrowAfter initially accessing the LMS, the next time you launch the LMS, you will be returned to the last page visited. Clicking the Home icon will take you back to the Home Dashboard.

Menu Button



Click the Menu icon to view the LMS pages to which you have access. The Calendar and Learning Record pages are also accessible by clicking the appropriate card on the Home Dashboard.

Standard Learner QRG - Clip 1

Standard Learner QRG - Clip 2

Search Box


Click in the Search box and type a word or two to search the Library for Courses or Learning Paths. If available, click the Search Icon icon to display search filtering options. Click the Search Icon icon, or press the Enter key, to execute the search.

Profile Button



oMy Profile - Click the Profile icon to display and update available LMS Profile details.

oSwitch User - available for all security profiles (except Standard User) to readily navigate to another user login


For users with a Security Profile of Company Administrator or elevated rights above Standard User, the Navigation bar across the top of LMS pages will be slightly different.

Clicking the Menu Menu Button icon will list additional pages. The available pages will be determined by the Security Profile assigned to you. The Menu for Company Administrators displays as follows:

Getting Started - Clip 7

On the right side of the Navigation bar, to the left of the My Profile Profile Button icon will be the “three dot Options” menu. This menu is referred to frequently throughout LMS help topics.

Getting Started - Clip 3