Configuring the Home Dashboard

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Configuring the Home Dashboard

Learn More - Watch!The Home Dashboard is typically the initial page all end-users see when they access the LMS. We understand it is important you have the functionality to provide easy access to exactly what they need.

This topic will guide you through configuring what each user can see, based on their role(Security Profile) in the LMS, from Standard User to Event Contact to Company Admin. Choose which cards you’d like to display, and where you’d like them to appear. Before any updates to a role's dashboard is made, each card will be labeled with "None" indicating the cards are still using the Intellek Default setting for that role.  To update a role's setting, you must update all 5 cards before clicking SAVE.

Approval Requests (only useful for roles involve with approvals


Free Text - this card type can be used multiple times within a single role.

In Progress

Learning Record



Upcoming Events (we recommend using the double sized card)


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