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Analytics - Paths

Path Analytics

Navigate to Analytics > 3-dot Option > Paths to display a summary chart of all Paths by status and a Path User Completion Chart. Data export is available for each chart.

path analytics page


Path Status Summary Chart

1.A chart showing the total number of paths in the Library broken down by status.

Active Paths (unexpired)

Active Paths (expired)

Inactive Paths

2.Export Path Status data for detailed information about the Paths and included courses. The following data is provided:

Path ID        


Record Status        

Expiry Date        


Folder Name        

Part Of Equivalence        

Course ID        

Course Name        


Number Of Attempts        

Pass Mark        



Path User Completion Count

3.Select one, some or all Paths from the drop-down menu. Click away from the drop-down menu to display the chart(s)

4.Optionally choose to include Inactive Paths in the drop-down list.

5.Each Path chart displays the total number of users in Complete Status

6.Each Path chart displays the total number of users in Incomplete Status

7.Export the selected Path data detail including:

Path ID        


User ID        

Last Name        

First Name        

Email Address        


Course Count        

Required Courses Count        

Required Courses Completed        

Total Courses Completed        


Expiry Date        

Include History From        

Date Completed

8.Email the list of users in a Path's Complete or Incomplete status. (includes active and inactive users)

Click the enabled email button. An email will be prepared for the selected path and the identified Complete or Incomplete status Users.  Choose an existing email template or create an email on the fly using Path relevant variables. Select an alternate "Sender" and signature as appropriate.

path email

9.Email is disabled if there are (0) users in a Path's Complete or Incomplete status.

10.Paths with no assigned users in either Complete or Incomplete status displays with No Data in the chart card, however the export (7) provides detailed information.