Canceling an Event

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Canceling an Event

If an Event has enrolled users and needs to be canceled, change the Event Status to Cancelled on the Detail tab of the Event on the Calendar. This will generate a cancellation appointment to any user that is currently enrolled and remove it from their Outlook Calendar.

1.Navigate to the Calendar page.

2.Locate and click the Event on the Calendar.

3.On the Detail page, change the Event Status to Cancelled.

4.Click the Cancel Reason arrow and select the appropriate reason for canceling the Event.

KeyInfo  Key Information

To add additional reasons for canceling Events:

1.Navigate to the Calendar.

2.Click the three dot Options menu, and then select Event Cancel Reasons.

3.Click Add item Add Record.

4.Enter a Code for the Reason (it can be the same as the Reason).

5.Enter the Reason text.

6.Click Save Button.

5.OPTIONAL:  If additional information for canceling this Event is required, enter it in the Additional field.

6.The Event will display on the Calendar with a strikethrough to users with the appropriate LMS Security Profiles. Standard users will not see the Event on the Calendar.


If you need to reschedule a canceled Event for the same date, time, and Location, DO NOT change the Event Status back to Active. Instead, add a new Event and if necessary, re-register the previously enrolled users.