Displaying recorded attendance and changing user status

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Displaying recorded attendance and changing user status

Once user attendance has been recorded, the User(s) tab for the Event will have no attendee names listed, as there is no pending enrollment status for users. You can still view the list of attendees, change the enrollment status of a user, add notes regarding a user (such as they arrived late or left the class early), and print another copy of the Attendance Roster if required.

1.Navigate to the Calendar page.

2.Locate and click the Event on the Calendar.

3.Click the User(s) tab.

4.Select Show Filters Display Recorded Attendance - Clip 1 at the top of the page.

5.Select the Location, if the Event has more than one, and the History Status you are looking to edit.

6.Click Search Button.

7.The users with that status will be displayed. Click the User ID for the user (or click in the user row and then click Edit record Edit Record.

8.Change the Status and/or add any Notes as required.

9.Click Save Button.

Depending on the Event Status selected for the user, the option(s) selected will update the User’s Status or History accordingly.