SSH Key and SFTP

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SSH Key and SFTP


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Legacy Instructions

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Intellek has an SFTP server set up which our clients use for multiple purposes including automated learner import and the import of courses into their LMS instance. All the Intellek team should need from you is an SSH public key which can then be added to the authorized keys for your SFTP area on our SFTP server.

To use the Intellek SFTP server you must first setup an SSH key. Following are steps to set up an SSH key. In some cases, SFTP client software has built in tools to create an SSH key pair and we recommend using these where possible.  There are various graphical SFTP clients available. Consider using WinSCP as it includes an SSH Key generator and other useful built in features. Download WinSCP here. We also have provided instructions to create an SSH key natively in Windows using the optional OpenSSH client via a Command Line approach.


ExpandedHow to Generate an SSH Key
ExpandedShare the Public Key with Intellek
ExpandedConfiguring and connecting your SFTP area