Using Access Groups to hide Courses and/or Learning Paths

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Using Access Groups to hide Courses and/or Learning Paths

Access Groups allow you to create groups to be used in situations where a very limited group of end-users should have access to Courses and/or Learning Paths in the LMS.

Examples include:

Allow Trainers or IT Staff access to eLearning Courses or other resources in preparation for a new application or rollout.

Courses with confidential or information specific only to attorneys or management staff.

Assigning an Access Group (and not including the All Users Access Group) effectively and easily hides the Course or Path from all end-users EXCEPT members of the assigned Group. Non-Group users will not see the Courses in the Library, Events on the Calendar, nor be able to search for the Course.

Creating an Access Group is accomplished by following the same steps as Groups, but must be done from the Access Manager. Access Groups will only display on the Access tab of a Course and/or Learning Path. They do not display in the Relevance or Registration tabs of Courses, Events, or Paths.

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