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Available reports

Training Tracking Report icon Training Tracking – This is the most highly used Report in the LMS. It allows you to report on all Courses and all Users, for any status except Not Taken. You can select multiple search criteria and group the results by Course or User. The History arrow provides the ability to specify pending, complete, or incomplete user training history. For example, the Courses/Events taken by a specific user during a defined date period. Alternatively, report on the people that have completed a particular Course in a specific location.

Courses Not Taken Report icon Courses Not Taken – Identifies users who have not taken or completed specific Courses.

Path Progress Report icon Path Progress – Is useful in getting a quick view of Learning Path status and content. This report displays Course and user lists, as well as user completion status (i.e., Complete or Incomplete) for each path. You can also select multiple paths and group the results by the Path or User.

Event Summary Report icon Event Summary – Displays a summary of Events which can be filtered by Location, Venue, Event Size, and Remaining Seats (provided the Event has not yet occurred). Since this is a summary report, you will not see individuals enrolled in an Event. You can use this report to see the Events that Trainers have taught by selecting Event Contacts.

Event People Report icon Event People – Shows you WHO is associated with an Event, and can include Participants, Requestees, and Event Contacts (i.e., Trainers). Additionally, this report can be grouped by Event Name, Event Date, and/or Course Name. This report is very useful to quickly view the users in an upcoming Event. If you want to see a list of people that have requested Events, you can also use this report.

Compliance Report icon Compliance Report – Reviews user status with regard to continuing legal education for the Compliance Body(ies) to which they are assigned. For example, if a compliance period for a particular Compliance Body is ending (e.g., January 31 for California MCLE), run this report to identify users who still need to complete compliance activities prior to the reporting deadline.

TPArrowThe Compliance Report will be visible in the Reports section of the Home Dashboard PROVIDED the Compliance Module (click Menu > Settings, and then select the Compliance check box) is active.

Rating Summary Report icon Rating Summary – Review Course and/or Path ratings and all feedback users have provided. This report displays the number of ratings submitted and the average star rating users have selected.

Survey Summary Report icon Survey Summary – Reviews survey results submitted by users on Courses and/or Events they have attended or completed to which a Survey has been assigned. View user responses to specific questions as an overall total or by individual user.

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